Free webinar预告:Methods for closed-loop phase-dependent EEG-TMS

2022-01-05 17:58

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主持人:明尼苏达大学 Dr.Sina Shirinpour

时间:北京时间2022年1月19日晚10点   Jan 19, 2022 10:00 PM CST

概   要:经颅磁刺激(TMS)是一种常见的非侵入性脑刺激方法,用于学术和临床应用。以往的研究主要集中在对大脑活动的刺激位置和模式上。然而,相对于正在进行的大脑振荡而言,刺激的时间也可以在大脑对TMS的反应中发挥重要作用。我们可以通过实施一个闭环框架来解决这个问题,在这个框架中,大脑信号被记录下来(例如,用脑电图[EEG]),所需的生物标志物被实时提取,并在正确的时间提供刺激。在本讲座中,我们将讨论基于局部EEG振荡相位的实时TMS刺激方法。

Host: Dr Sina Shirinpour, University of Minnesota

Synopsis: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a common non-invasive brain stimulation method for academic and clinical applications. Previous studies have mainly focused on the location and pattern of stimulation on brain activity. However, the timing of the stimulation relative to the ongoing brain oscillations can also play an important role in the brain response to TMS. We can address this problem by implementing a closed-loop framework where the brain signals are recorded (e.g., with electroencephalography [EEG]), the desired biomarker is extracted in real-time, and the stimulus is delivered at the right time. In this talk, we will discuss the methodology for real-time TMS delivery based on the phase of the local EEG oscillations.

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