2021-11-19 17:37




  • 概述各种类型的经颅电刺激(transcranial electrical stimulation,tES)装置及如何使用这些系统;

  • 经颅电刺激实验设计考虑因素,并辅以小组讨论以规划有关研究;

  • 演示和示例如何建立和进行一次可靠的的经颅电刺激session;

  • SIMNIBS、ROAST和Neurophet tES Lab等先进电流建模技术实际应用;

  • 深入了解经颅电刺激与MRI、EEG、fNIRS、TMS等先进的多模态应用。


Fundamentals & Applications of tES

Delegate rate: £120-£190

29 March 2022 13:00

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This three-days workshop features the core lectures, discussions, and interactive practical demonstrations from our popular, in-person Fundamentals of tES and Advanced Applications of tES workshops, including:

  • The basic principles and physiology of transcranial electrical stimulation;

  • An overview of the various types of tES devices available and how to use these systems;

  • Considerations for tES study designs, supplemented with group discussions to plan these studies;

  • Demonstrations and examples of how to set up and execute a robust transcranial electrical stimulation session;

  • Practical experience of using advanced current flow modelling techniques with SIMNIBS, ROAST, and Neurophet tES Lab;

  • and insights into advanced, multimodal applications of tES with MRI, EEG, fNIRS, TMS, and more.

The knowledge gained in this workshop will provide attendees with all the required knowledge to design, set up, and carry out their own transcranial electrical stimulation study, and is suitable for both new users of tES, and those with an existing knowledge of how to use this technique. All delegates attending this workshop will also have the future opportunity to visit the Brainbox headquarters to gain first-hand experience of using the devices, methods, and techniques explored in this workshop when travel restrictions allow.

The workshop will take place in 2022. Spaces for these online workshops are very limited, and we encourage interested delegates to register early to avoid disappointment. Please use the 'book your space' button below to join the waiting list for our 2022 Workshop Series.