Workshop预告:经颅磁刺激基础及应用 (2021年11月23日-25日)

2021-11-19 11:40

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使用Brainsight TMS导航系统进行神经导航技术的交互式实用演示;

本次研讨会所获得的知识将为所有与会者提供设计、建立和开展自己的经颅磁刺激研究所需的知识,既适用于TMS的新用户,也适用于那些已经掌握该技术使用方法的人。 参加本次研讨会的所有代表今后还将有机会参观‎‎Brainbox‎‎总部,在旅行限制允许时获得使用本研讨会所探讨的设备、方法和技术的**手经验。

        ‎我们所有Brainbox Initiative workshop的方案都是与Brainbox Initiative科学委员会‎和其他领先的神经科学研究人员共同制定的。‎

Fundamentals & Applications of TMS

Delegate rate: £120-£190

23 November 2021 13:00

This online workshop combines the core content and highlights of our popular, in-person Fundamentals & Applications of TMS, TMS Neuronavigation, and Cognitive Neuroscience workshops, covering topics such as:

  • An introduction to the basic principles and physiology of transcranial magnetic stimulation;

  • The pros and cons of using various types of transcranial magnetic stimulation in example studies;

  • An in-depth look at the safety considerations for TMS studies;

  • Practical demonstrations of different kind of TMS protocols, including single pulse, paired pulse, and repetitive TMS (rTMS);

  • Considerations for TMS study designs, supplemented with group discussions to help plan and develop these studies;

  • Interactive, practical demonstrations of neuronavigation techniques with the Brainsight TMS Navigation system;

  • and much more.

The knowledge gained in this workshop will provide all attendees with the required knowledge to design, set up, and carry out their own transcranial magnetic stimulation study, and is suitable for both new users of TMS techniques, and those with an existing knowledge of how to use this non-invasive brain stimulation method. All delegates attending this workshop will also have the future opportunity to visit the Brainbox headquarters to gain first-hand experience of using the devices, methods, and techniques explored in this workshop when travel restrictions allow.

The programmes for all of our Brainbox Initiative workshops are developed in conjunction with the Brainbox Initiative Scientific Committee and other leading neuroscience researchers.

The workshop will take place online between 13:00 – 17:00 (BST) on November 23-25, 2021. Spaces for these online workshops are very limited, and we encourage interested delegates to register early to avoid disappointment. Registration for this workshop is £120.00 for students, and £190.00 for non-students, including VAT.

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