Free webinar预告:经颅聚焦超声刺激的物理学原理

2021-11-19 11:26

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‎我们如何在刺激传感器表面产生超声波?超声波如何在体内传播和瞄准?‎BrainBox特别邀请Sonic Concepts公司总裁 Kyle Morrison 介绍在体内产生超声波刺激的一般设计、方法和物理原理。‎Sonic Concepts公司司‎全球领先的超声技术公司,也是‎‎NeuroFUS‎‎系统用于颅内聚焦超声刺激技术的幕后公司,。

‎本次免费网络研讨会将于16:00 (GMT) on November 24举行(北京时间2021年11月25日0点),持续约一小时(含提问时间)。

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How do we create ultrasound at the surface of a stimulation transducer?   How does the ultrasound propagate and target in the body? Kyle Morrison, President of Sonic Concepts - the company behind the technology of the NeuroFUS system for transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation - presents the general design, approach, and physics in creating ultrasound stimulation in the body.

This free webinar will take place at 16:00 (GMT) on November 24, 2021 and will last for approximately one hour with time for questions.

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